Naina’s Apparel is a full service Apparel & Home Décor production company. The company offers product design and development for the apparel and textile industry. With more than 20 years of experience, we are committed to creating quality textile and garment products.

We are one of the few companies in the apparel industry that offer world-class manufacturing, quality control and delivery to both the couture designer and the large apparel brands. We specialise in working with small businesses as well as large corporates, providing creative design and development from concept to production.

Our Mission is Simple:

“To provide unsurpassed quality and uncompromising service at competitive prices to all our clients.”

Apparel Export
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Product Range
Naina’s Apparel specialises in creating beautiful, delicate hand embroidery. Besides embroideries, the company also manufactures garments using the latest print techniques and garment washes. This is done on both Indian and imported fabrics, such as chiffon, tulle, organza, lycra, silk, modals and various other stretch knits. The production of High-fashion garments began in 1995. We are one of the few companies in the apparel industry that offer world-class manufacturing, quality control and delivery to both the couture designer and the large apparel brands. We work with small businesses as well as large corporates, providing creative design and development from concept to production.

The labels we manufacture for are positioned in multiple market segments – chain stores, high street, and luxury brands. The product range includes:

Women’s blouses
Women’s knit and tank tops
Women’s skirts
Women’s dresses and gowns
Men’s Polo/Crew T-Shirts
Men’s Casual Shirts
Fleece / Polar Fleece tops
Children’s clothing
Creative Product Development
Naina’s Apparel differs from the average export company. We have our own talented and creative in-house design team with specialists for styling and embroideries. They in turn are backed up by Textile Artists – highly qualified designers for embroidery artworks and print development.

This results in a lot of benefit for our clients. It leads to a greater understanding of each individual client’s design needs and wants and we are able to create beautiful samples based on themes and indications given by our clients.

Client Portfolio
Naina's Apparel Pvt. Ltd. was set up to meet the needs of international buyers. Over the past two decades, it has been able to develop unequalled expertise in the techniques and process of fabric selection, apparel manufacturing, and quality control. We pride ourselves on the long-standing relations we have maintained with our overseas clientele, with some clients being with us for close to two decades now!

In the textiles division, we manufacture products for high profile designer labels like Armani, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Vera-Wang and many others where the most intricate embroideries are done.

In the apparel division, Naina’s Apparel manufactures products for big production houses such as Replay, Paul&Joe, Patrizia Pepe, Nolita, Cavalli, Versace, Galliano, CNC, Pinko, Custo Barcelona and many others.

Today the company has a strong global presence, and exports to Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, U.K and the USA.

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Product Range
Our Home Décor division operates under the name of Nasha Designs India Pvt. Ltd., a sister concern of Naina’s Apparel Pvt. Ltd. This venture started in early 2005, into the field of designer home furnishings for both private and public spaces. Nasha Designs creates exclusive co-ordinated bedding programs, upholstery, cushions, window drapes, fabric blinds, table programs and floor coverings to complete the experience of an elite décor.

Our in-house design development and production teams shall create customized design solutions and turn-key projects by value addition on fabrics leading to each product being a precise blend of colour, texture and form with complete attention to detail.

Regardless of the scale and location of the project, Nasha Designs guarantees quality, exclusivity and efficient customized services.

The products we create for interiors includes cushions, bedding ensembles, sheers, curtains, blinds, dine ensembles, bath linen and floor coverings. We also cater to exclusive uniforms for Hotels and Spa’s, designed accordingly to the context they will be used in. The possibility of sizes, shapes, textures and colours for each of these items and limitless.

Cushions lend the finishing touches to the setting of any room, whether they are floor cushions or diminutive accent cushions. They are ideal to personalize any area and make it distinct.

Bedding Ensemble
A bed can be a quiet retreat; it could also be the focal point of a room. Bedding ensembles makes the space interesting by blending patterns and textures while retaining the comforting feel of a sleeping area. Crisp linen, soft cotton, luxurious silk or smooth satin maybe used for the soft quilts, bed runners and pillows, depending on the feel of the room. Nasha Designs offers coordinated bedding ensembles in a variety of themes, with a great blend of value added fabrics, patterns and textures to provide the finishing touch.

Curtains and sheers form the largest percentage of fabric used in interiors, and thus require careful consideration. While both may be elaborately patterned, they can also be plain with simple embroidered accents. The style of dressing a window is also vital, it must compliment the fabric chosen.
Nasha Designs creates custom drapes to suit any interior style, with embroidered and printed embellishments.

Dining Ensembles
Fabric accents for the table include table covers, runners, place mats and napkins, and these can be effectively used to set the mood for the dining space.
Nasha Designs offers table programs in fine embellished silk, organic natural matting and cool cottons, the various products perfectly coordinated for the space in mind.

Integral to any service industry are the uniforms that have to be functional as well as smart looking. Be it a spa or an outdoor restaurant the uniforms have to blend with the respective décor, while keeping the distinct identity of the service professional. Nasha Designs extends its services to custom uniforms, adding a touch of pattern and colour where necessary to create truly unique identities for the staff of an establishment with professional styling and creative flair.

We offer concept, design and production services, for all textile products used in the interiors and hotel related activities. We also execute turn-key interior projects, wherein all aspects from conceptualization to installation are taken care off.

Backed with a dedicated team of designers and merchandisers, our Design Studio handles all the creative input professionally.

Client Portfolio
Nasha Designs Pvt. Ltd. was set up to meet the needs of Architects, Interior Designers and the Hotel industry. Over the past five years, it has been able to develop unequalled expertise in the techniques and process of designing, fabric selection, manufacturing, and quality control.

Nasha Designs, works for high profile architectural establishments such as Talati and Panthaky Associated Pvt. Ltd., Kiran Shetty Design Consultants, Raajeev Kasat Associates, Sushant Deshmukh and Associates, Zarir Mullan Architects and Interior Designer and Nitin Mistry Design Continuum Inc. to name a few. In the Hotel industry, besides working for institutes such as Sarovar Hotels and Resorts, Ramada Hotels and Resorts India Ltd., and individual Hotels such as New Africa Hotel and Casino in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Awards & Press
At Naina's Apparel, we are always continuously looking for talented and passionate people to join our team. An organisation is as good as its people. An appreciation of this facet has seen Naina's Apparel invest heavily in its management and staff.

Each employee is apprised of the role he or she has to play and given regular feedback on performance. An open system of management with a flat structure makes regular and open communication possible.

We look for individuals who have an entrepreneurial mindset and who can work in a fast paced environment. Individuals should be passionate about driving results. We strongly believe in having the right work-life balance and encourage employees to own their careers by shaping their individual career-path within the organisation.

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